1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Bearing Flat (10-pack)

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Assembling a VEX robot just got easier with our Hex Nut Retainers. With a center hole sized to securely fit a Hex Nut, a #8-32 screw can be tightened without the need for a wrench or pliers.

When mounted, they provide multiple points of contact on structural components for stability.

Note: Hex Nut Retainers are not compatible with VEX EXP Low Profile Nuts.

1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Bearing Flat (10-pack) 276-6481

1-Post Hex Nut Retainer (10-pack) 276-6482

4-Post Hex Nut Retainer (10-pack) 276-6483


VEX Robotics 276-6481


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€ 7,25