Star Drive Shaft Collar (16-pack)

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Shaft Collars lock to drive shafts, keeping wheels and gears from sliding along the shaft. Collars fit around Drive Shafts and can be fastened in place using a hex or star drive set screw.

Clamping Shaft Collars use a standard hex or star drive V5 screw and nut to maintain a tight lock without scratching or damaging the shaft.

Rubber Shaft Collars easily slide onto shafts. Friction between the rubber collar and steel shaft keeps wheels and gears from sliding off.

Star Drive Shaft Collar (16-pack) 276-6103

Star Drive Clamping Shaft Collar (10-pack) 276-6101

Rubber Shaft Collar (30-Pack) 228-3510


VEX Robotics 276-6103


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Star Drive Shaft Collar...

€ 11,36