KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set

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KUBO provides everything you need to teach coding to students aged 4 to 10+ years and it is entirely screen-free. Deliver STEAM lessons in a creative and playful way. The unique TagTiles make coding as easy as solving a puzzle.

KUBO Coding++ TagTiles for super coders.


KUBO Coding++ set completes the series of TagTiles needed to introduce all primary concepts of coding, in a unique hands-on, screen-free way. This puzzle like set makes it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking.

The set includes 44 TagTiles addressing concepts of variables, conditions (if/else) and events. 

  • 6x Variable TagTiles
  • 2x Equal to Variable, 2x Subtract from Variable and 2x Add to Variable Operator TagTiles
  • 1 x Greater Than and 1x Less Than TagTiles
  • 2x Start If and 2x End If TagTiles
  • 2x True and 2x False TagTiles
  • 3 sets of Event TagTiles (12 tiles in total)
  • 2x Turn 15 degrees left and right TagTiles
  • 2x Set Speed TagTiles
  • 1x Zero Parameter TagTile
  • 1x Start Random and 1x End Random TagTile
  • 3 Modulator TagTiles

Free online curriculum materials, including a beautifully illustrated project pack and comprehensive teachers notes

To use these tiles you will need a KUBO Coding Starter Set

KUBO 10103

Data sheet

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Screen Free

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KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set