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The purpose of these terms and conditions (hereafter "TC") is to provide a legal framework for the terms of provision of the services offered by Robotics Club (hereafter “Club”) and to define the conditions of access to and use of the services by the student or his legal representative; such services offered by Learning Tools 21C SRL, registered under the number 0753.602.502, whose head office is located at Rue Borrens, 51 1050 Brussels (hereafter "Learning Tools 21C").

The contact details of Learning Tools 21C are as follows:
Email :
Telephone number : 0471 62 40 39

These TC must be read together with General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy accessible on the site of

Any registration and purchase of services provided by the Club implies the acceptance without any reservation or restriction of these TC,  General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by the user.

Learning Tools 21C reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update, modify or replace any part of these Terms and Conditions by publishing updates and changes on the website.  It is your responsibility to visit our site periodically to check for changes.  Your continued use of or access to our site following the posting of any changes to these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes.

1. Robotics Course - Weekly Classes (hereafter “Course”)

1.1. The registration to a Course includes :

- The price of the lessons - 1 weekly session of 1h30 or 2h as noted in the description of the Course with a short break. Our courses are organized in small groups of minimum 4 to maximum 16 students.

- The use of the material – robotics kits, laptops, tablets etc

- In exceptional situations where Robotics Club cannot provide tuition in person, classes will be given exclusively online with the similar content as the classroom courses. Students who register for in-class courses automatically agree to this alternative.

There are 32 weekly classes, divided between two semesters.

The first semester begins on September 25, 2021 and ends on February 12, 2022 (16 lessons).

The second semester starts on February 13, 2022 and ends on June 20, 2022 (16 lessons). 

You will receive the exact schedule after registration.

1.2.  If not explicitly mentioned at the description of the Course, classes organised at chaussee d’Alsemberg, 993, 1180 Uccle. 

1.3. Payment terms:

Every registered person is liable for the full cost a chosen Course. The payment can be made in one or two instalments. Access to the Course is reserved for students who have paid either the full amount of the registration or the first instalment before the 1st class.

Deadline for payments if the student has chosen to pay in one instalment: at the time of registration

Deadline for payments if the student has chosen to pay in two instalments per semester : first payment at the time of registration, second payment - by February 1, 2022.

Students who join the Club only from February 13, 2022 will need to pay the full price of the second semester at the registration. 

For the students who have chosen to pay the courses per semester in two instalments, Robotics Club reserves the right to deny access to the courses to students who have not paid their balance.

Payments can be made by credit card or Bancontact on our website at the time of booking or by bank transfer within 5 working days after the registration:

Learning Tools 21C
IBAN: BE84 3632 0365 3459

Please mention the full name of the student and the reservation number.

1.4. In case of absence from a class, the student or his/her parents must notify the Robotics Club by e-mail at least 72 hours in advance, except in cases of force majeure. The student will be offered a possibility of a make-up class in another group of the same level or will be given online challenges to complete.  The Club reserves the right to choose the type of recovery class offered to the student. No refund is possible or will be offered. 

Recovery classes are limited to 2 per semester. 

If the student does not notify Robotics Club in time of his/her absence, Robotics Club is under no obligation to offer a make-up class to the student.  Classes that the student does not attend of his/her own choice/fault are not refunded and cannot be recuperated.

1.5. The students agree to respect the internal rules of the facilities hosting Robotics Club, which will have the right to exclude students refusing to comply with these rules. No refunds will be given for registrations that are cancelled for non-compliance with the rules of behaviour by the student or a parent.

1.6. The management of Robotics Club reserves the right to modify the schedule of a Course if necessary.

1.7.  Registration is possible all along the school year (in this case the price of the course will be prorated to the number of classes left in the school year).  Registration is done online via    In case of problems you can contact us at 0471 62 40 39.

1.8. For security reasons, Robotics Club may record each class which will be stored for one week. In the event of a behavioural violation, parents can obtain a copy of the recording by sending an email request to 

2.  Camps

2.1. Registration to Camps includes:

- The price of the activities (robotics, programming, CAD etc depending on the Camp chosen);

- The use of equipment (robotics kits, laptops, tablets etc.)

- Accident insurance 

The Camps are organized in small groups of minimum 8 to maximum 20 students; in the event that the minimum number of students is not reached for the chosen formula, Robotics Club reserves the right to propose alternative formulas 

2.2. Registration is done online via   

All registrations are for the entire duration of the Camp. The registration for a reduced number of days is not possible.

Any specific medical conditions that should be taken into account must be clearly noted at the time of registration.

2.3. Terms of Payment:

All registrants are responsible for the full cost of a chosen Camp. The price of each formula is available on our website.

The registration will be final upon the payment of the amount due either by credit card or Bancotact on our website or by bank transfer within 5 working days after the registration to the following account:

Learning Tools 21C
IBAN: BE84 3632 0365 3459

Please mention the full name of the student and your reservation number. 

Robotics Club reserves the right to prohibit the access to the Camp to the students that did not settle their balance, before the beginning of the Camp.

2.4. Cancellation / Refund / Catch-up

You can cancel your reservation 21 day before the beginning of the Camp at no charge.  Otherwise a fee of 25€ will be applied.  

When a child is absent during the days of a Camp, a refund or a catch-up during a later week can be made upon presentation of a medical certificate. Refunds will only be given for absences of 3 days or more during a Camp and only for medical reasons. The reimbursement is based only on the days not taken and covered by the medical certificate.

The days of Camps in which the student does not participate of his/her own choice/fault are not reimbursed.

Robotics Club has the right to cancel a Camp for any reason or unexpectedly. In such cases, Robotics Club is obliged to reimburse the costs for the days of the Camp that were cancelled.  The Club does not have to pay any other fees or penalties.

In the event that Robotics Club is forced to cancel the Camp for reasons related to COVID-19, the amount paid for the Camp will be fully deferred for another Camp chosen by the student later on. 

2.5. Schedule and location of Camps 

When booking a Camp please note the venue where it will take place.  Robotics Club has the right to change the venue and/or schedule of a Camp and notify participants in advance.  No cancellations will be accepted or refund offered due to the change in venue and/or schedule.  

Camp hours are from 9:00 until 16:00.  Check in at 8:30, departure by 16:30.  

Please provide lunch and two (healthy) snacks per day for your children and a water bottle. Lunch is scheduled between 12:00 and 13:00; and snack breaks will take place around 10:30 and 15:00. 

2.6.  The students commit themselves to respect the internal rules of the infrastructures hosting Camps.  Robotics Club will have the right to exclude students who refuse to comply with these rules. No refunds will be given for registrations cancelled for non-compliance with the rules of behaviour by the student or a parent.

3. The Club cannot be held responsible for the safety of valuables and/or security of students' valuables and/or money.  Robotics Club declines all responsibility for loss or theft during the Courses, Camps and other activities.

4. Protection of Personal Data and parental consent for image rights

By booking and registering for the activity on our website, the student's legal representative is obliged to read and accept the Learning Tools 21C Privacy Policy. By completing a booking and accepting the Privacy Policy, the student's legal representative agrees to receive special offers tailored to the needs of students of the Robotics Club. These offers regarding courses, camps, workshops or other activities organized by the Club, will be sent once in a while to the e-mail address provided in the registration form.

Robotics Club informs the students and their legal representatives that during the courses, camps, workshops or other events organized by the Club video, image and sound recordings may be made (hereinafter referred to as "Recordings"), including in a way that allows for individual identification of the participants.  The recordings will not infringe on the privacy and/or dignity of the participants. The recordings will be the exclusive property of Learning Tools 21C. The purpose of the recordings is to present the atmosphere of the training / teaching methods and the achievements of the activities. The recordings can be used primarily for marketing purposes, as follows: published on the website, on the YouTube page of and on the social networks of (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok), in the press, in Robotics Club presentations and demonstrations, used as posters in the classroom, in reports distributed to parents, in newsletters, leaflets etc. The captions of the photos, the description or the comments of the videos will not contain information that could identify the student or his/her family.

By booking a Course, Camp or any other event organized by Robotics Club, the legal representative and the participant - if he/she is over 14 years old - will give their consent to the Learning Tools 21C to use the Recordings thus made for the purposes and in the manner defined above for an unlimited time.

Students and legal representatives will not be compensated for the use of their Recordings. The legal representative and the student - if over 14 years old – may request cancellation, restriction of use or total deletion at any time by sending an email to: