VEX V5. Educational and competitive robotics for secondary and high school students
VEX V5 logo. Educational and competitive robotics for secondary and high school students

Hands-on engineering limited only by imagination

The VEX V5 system harnesses the excitement of building robots to immerse students in STEM concepts as well as familiarising them with using basic tools.

VEX V5 robots are constructed using steel or aluminium structural parts which are assembled using nuts and bolts. The mechanical parts such as gears and sprockets are manufactured from engineering-grade plastics such as acetal and nylon.

Ages 14+

Workforce Development

Career and Technical Education is critical to the workforce of the future. Give students the head start they need to succeed.

Robotics Competitions

VEX Robotics Competitions ignite the competitive spirit! Every year, a new VEX game is introduced for extracurricular STEM learning.


VEX Challenge logo

VEX Competitions bring STEM skills to life by tasking teams of students with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more.


STEM Library

  • Thousands of articles on STEM and VEX
  • Getting started
  • Robot design and engineering
  • Coding tips and techniques
  • STEM fundamentals
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  • Getting Started guides
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Instructional support in every lesson
  • Facilitation guides, rubrics, and more

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Free Online Training for Teachers

VEX Certified Educator program helps prepare you to successfully implement VEX Robotics in your classroom. 

Once certified, you also gain access to a growing community of education professionals and resources, to collaborate and share experiences, materials, and teaching strategies.

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Block, Python and C++ Coding

VEXcode is supported on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, iPadOS and Android Tablets

VEXcode brings Robotics and Computer Science to life for all students at all skill levels. Choose between three different coding languages - Block-based, Python, and C++. Configure and drive your robot with ease thanks to the graphical Device interface. Develop your programming skills quickly with integrated Examples, Help, and Tutorials. VEXcode V5 also helps keep your robot up‑to‑date, automatically.

Online at No installation needed. Always up-to-date. 

VEX VS Code Extension

Students considering a career in coding, and who have become proficient in textual coding, will benefit from learning the tools used by professional coders. 

The VEX VS Code extension will allow users to use production quality tools seamlessly with VEX hardware. Both C++ and Python can be utilized as languages for IQ (2nd gen), EXP and V5, and tools like AI Copilot and Git can be integrated as well. The source code to this extension is public, which will allow other users to build on top of what has been done, to create new tools that they may find useful. 

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VEX Has the STEM Solution for All Ages

Robot VEX 123. Educational robotics in preschool and primary school

VEX 123

Ages 4-7

Robot VEX GO. Educational robotics in primary school


Ages 8-11

Robot IKE VEX IQ. Educational robotics in secondary school


Ages 10-14

Robot IKE VEX IQ. Educational robotics in secondary school


Ages 14+

Robot VEX V5. Educational robotics in high school


Ages 14+