VEX Competition Field Perimeter Kit

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The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and polycarbonate perimeter frame. Inside this perimeter, game-specific elements can be added.

  • Metal frame for the VEX Robotics Competition field perimeter
  • Includes ALL parts required for frame assembly (includes polycarbonate)
  • Also Includes two driver-control posts
  • Does NOT include Floor Tiles or Electronics
  • Modular and designed for easy assembly, disassembly, storage

This kit now includes the Competition Corner Bracket pack.


The VEX Competition Field Perimeter is designed to provide a relatively low-cost high durability, modular field perimeter for use at a competition tournament. It consists of 12 modular panels, which once assembled can easily be stored or transported. These panels will not need to be disassembled, and are designed with locking hardware for long- term durability. For assembly, these panels come with two types of gussets, one for joining two panels together linearly, and one for joining panels at a corner. These gussets come with built in lance and-slot features for easy alignment during assembly. All the assembly screws utilize pre-installed PEM Nuts, which greatly eases the assembly process. These screws are then easy to remove for field- breakdown and transport.
VEX Robotics 278-1501

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