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Flywheel Weight

Use the Flywheel Weight to prevent your launcher wheels from losing speed after firing or to add counterweights to keep your robot from tipping over.

Price €20.56

V5 Power Cable Assortment

An assortment of spare V5 Robot Power Cables. This cable connects the V5 Robot Brain to the V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh. Cables come in three sizes: 180 mm; 300 mm; 500 mm

Price €44.15

1-Post Standoff Retainer with Bearing Flat (10-pack)

These plastic retainers prevent hex standoffs from rotating. With a center hole sized to securely fit a Hex Nut, a Standoff can be tightened without the need for a wrench or pliers. When mounted, they provide multiple points of contact on structural components for stability.

Price €6.64

Thin Plastic Sheet Pack

This kit contains plastic sheets in various sizes. These are thin and lightweight with a number of uses from a smooth surface on top of a plate, to a flexible shroud over part of your robot. They can even work with dry erase markers as a small writing surface. Note: These Plastic sheets should...

Price €13.30