Discover VEXcode VR - a free online STEM Platform

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This free webinar for teachers offers an introduction to VEXcode VR, a free virtual STEM platform. We will discover how students can program a robot on a virtual playground in Scratch or Python. Using some simple examples, we will see how easy and powerful this STEM platform is. You will have access to several detailed lesson plans and learn how to do one of your own . This cross-curricular platform offers fun ways to revisit some of the maths and physics lessons.

Register now and discover VEXcode VR, a platform that is ideal for both classroom and distance learning. VEXcode VR runs entirely in your web browser and requires no installation. It works on PC, Mac, iPads, tablets, Chromebooks.  No prior knowledge is required for this workshop.

The webinars on the 8th, 10th, 15th and 17th of December will be in Dutch. We plan to organise workshops in French and English in the upcoming months. So stay tuned or contact us.

Click here to register for the Dutch workshop.  You will receive a Teams invitation to attend on the morning of the workshop.

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