VEX V5 Smart Motor 6:1 Cartridge (600 RPM)

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The V5 Smart Motor is more than twice as powerful as the 2-Wire Motor 393, and puts an integrated encoder and a motor controller into one compact package. Customise speed and torque with interchangeable gear cartridges.

  • Use the built-in encoder to track a robot's rotational position and velocity
  • Ships with the standard gear cartridge of 18:1 (200 RPM)
  • Cartridges for 36:1 (100 RPM) & 6:1 (600 RPM) are available separately
  • Compatible with both high-strength (1/4") and standard (1/8") VEX V5 shafts

Mechanisms such as flywheels and arms do not need large external gear ratios when the driving motor is already outputting a targeted output speed or torque. Therefore, changing internal gear ratios to fit specific needs allows more efficient and compact mechanisms to be designed. The 6:1 cartridge is ideal for:

  • Low torque, high speed. Best used for intake rollers, flywheels, or other fast moving mechanisms
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