2.75" (220mm Travel) Omni-Directional Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack)

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Defence may not always win championships, but being able to move does. Put some power on the floor with our large variety of wheel options available for builders.

Omni-Directional or Mecanum Wheels are great for quick, lateral movements. If you need more grip, Traction Wheels offer great pushing ability and are designed for optimal grip on soft surfaces like the foam tiles used in the VEX Robotics Competition.

  • Offered in various sizes and styles
  • Wheel diversity allows for numerous applications

Omni-Directional Wheels

2" Omni-Directional Wheel (4-Pack) 276-9044

2.75" (220mm Travel) Omni-Directional Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack) 276-8106

3.25" (260mm Travel) Omni-Directional Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack) 276-8026

4" (320mm Travel) Omni-Directional Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack) 276-8107

Traction Wheels 

2.75" Wheel (4-pack) 276-1496

2.75" (220mm Travel) Anti-Static Wheel 276-8098

3.25" (260mm Travel) Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack) 276-7771

4" (320mm Travel) Anti-Static Wheel (2-Pack) 276-8103

Mecanum Wheels

2" Mecanum Wheels V2 (4-Pack) 276-9041

4" Mecanum Wheel (4-Pack) 276-1447


As the name suggests, an Omni-Directional Wheel can travel in more than one direction. When the axle spins, it behaves like a normal wheel. However, you’ll notice that there are rollers all around the outer circumference. These rollers allow the wheel to travel sideways as well!

  • 2.75" Omni-Directional Wheels
  • Pack of 2 Wheels
  • Double-roller Style
VEX Robotics 276-8106

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