VEX IQ Cube Kit

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The Cubes as used in the VEX IQ Challenge Highrise game make an excellent classroom programming challenge for detecting objects and colour, moving and stacking. The Cubes can be connected to a VEX IQ Challenge Field using standard VEX IQ pins which is a great way to make mazes and other obstacles for programming challenges

Note: Base Kit (goals) sold seperately


A set of 3-inch cubes that can be used as part of VEX IQ Challenge Highrise, to build a colour-sorter, or disassembled and used on a robot.

  • (6) Red Cubes
  • (6) Blue Cubes
  • (6) Green Cubes

Note: A full Highrise field uses (2) Cube Kits.

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VEX IQ Cube Kit