Robotics Camp | Ages 9-14

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Are you ready to design, build and code super cool robots with your team? The program of the camp changes from one week to another. Choose the one you like the most and join us for a crazy week of learning and fun! 

Weeks of 04/07 and 16/08 - Robofun: Discover robotics by building, modifying and improving a basic bot with your team. At the end of the week, your robot will be able to catch, move and stack cubes, detect colors, follow lines... Everything will be possible! 

Weeks of 20/06; 27/06; 25/07 and 22/08 - Pitching In: Participate in the VEX IQ Competition 2021/2022 challenge. The goal? Your robot has one minute to score as many points as possible by throwing the balls into the basket in the center of the field! 

Weeks of 11/07 and 18/07 - Battlebots: Together with your team you will design and build a motorized battle robot. Pushing, flipping, blocking, smashing... It's up to you and your team to imagine the right strategy and build the best bot to disable or overcome your opponents! 

Week of 29/08 - Slapshot: Participate in the VEX IQ Competition 2022/2023. The goal? Score as many points as possible in one minute by releasing disks from dispensers and launching them to specific areas on the field! It's up to you and your team to design the most performing robot. 

You don't have any experience in robotics? No worries, no previous experience is required. A team of our super robotics coaches will guide you. 


Camp on the week of 20/06 : Sold Out! 

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Camp Language: French, English

Camp Dates: June 20-24; June 27- July 1; July 4-8; July 11-15; July 18-22; July 25-29; August 16-19; August 22-26.

Daily Camp Schedule:  9:00 to 16:00.   Check in time 8:30, check out by 16:30. 

Weather permitting, we take a break in Wolvendael Park in the afternoon. 

Participants should bring lunch, snacks and a bottle of water for the day. 

For the kids aged under 14 we will provide a tax certificate that will allow you to get back 14€ per day of the camp. 

10% early bird discount is offered on bookings completed 1 month before the beginning of the camp. 

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Robotics Camp | Ages 9-14