VEX V5. Educational and competitive robotics for secondary and high school students

VEX Workcell

The future of industrial robotics brought to your classroom.

The VEX V5 Workcell, designed for Career and Technical Education, is a construction system for a 5-axis robotic arm, conveyors and sensors, combined with our proved VEXcode software.

Workcell acts as a primer, introducing students to manufacturing concepts like construction, palletizing, and coordinate planes to empower the manufacturing workforce of the future with a foundation of understanding.


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VEX V5 Classroom Starter Kit.  Educational robotics for secondary and high school students

V5 Workcell Kit contains:

  • (1) V5 Brain & Battery
  • (12) V5 Smart Motors
  • (18) V5 Sensors
  • (1) V5 Electromagnet
  • (36) Weighted Discs
  • (3500) Construction components

V5 Workcell Kit contains:

VEX V5 Classroom Starter Kit. Educational robotics for secondary and high school students
  • (1) V5 Brain & Battery
  • (12) V5 Smart Motors
  • (18) V5 Sensors
  • (1) V5 Electromagnet
  • (36) Weighted Discs
  • (3500) Construction components

Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Industry

The V5 Workcell together with VEXcode V5 provides students with the opportunity to develop technical and problem solving skills by building and coding a simulated manufacturing workcell.

Factory Robotics in the Classroom

Factory Robotics in the Workplace

For Educators

Course Outline

Educator resources include high-quality instructional materials, professional development, and the VEX Knowledge Base to give you everything you need to become a STEM leader. STEM Labs foster engagement within the classroom, providing a complete STEM experience, ensuring workforce development and college preparedness.

Lab 1: Industrial Robotics
Lab 2: Safety
Lab 3: Manual Robot Arm Movements
Lab 4: Programming Arm Movements
Lab 5: Using Variables
Lab 6: Using an End Effector
Lab 7: Dropping Off Objects
Lab 8: Transporting Objects
Lab 9: Using a Conveyor System
Lab 10: Conveyor Systems and Sensors
Lab 11: Cooperative Systems
Lab 12: Classroom Competition

Educator Training

Advance your skills in STEM and earn a certificate that you can then share with the world. The VEX Workcell Certified Educator Program features:

  • 17 hours of FREE online Professional Development
  • Self-paced certification course
  • Gives you the tools needed to facilitate meaningful learning experiences for your students
  • Learn the specifics about the V5 Workcell, the sensors it utilizes, and how to utilize the STEM Labs within your classroom

Coding Made Easy

VEXcode is a coding environment that meets students at their level. Novice coders can get started coding with blocks while more advanced coders can use Python or C++. Whether it's blocks or text, all students can use VEXcode's tutorials, example projects, and built-in help to code their VEX V5 Workcell along the way.

The VEX Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is an online library of everything VEX, containing hundreds of articles, all designed to provide you with helpful information on all of our products and ongoing support. There are sections dedicated to each product. The Knowledge Base articles cover a wide variety of topics, all designed to help you implement VEX products in your classroom.


VEX V5 comes with free plug-in lessons called STEM LABS. These fun, easy to follow, hands-on lessons encourage teamwork, collaboration, and guided exploration!


Building with VEX V5 and Coding with VEX V5 getting started guides 


Articles on electronics, assembly, mechanics, VEXCode and troubleshooting. 


VEX Certified Educator program helps prepare you to successfully implement VEX Robotics in your classroom. 
Once certified, you also gain access to a growing community of education professionals and resources, to collaborate and share experiences, materials, and teaching strategies.


For Students

VEX Workcell students will gain:

Manufacturing workforce readiness

Hands-on technical skills

Problem solving and collaboration skills

Factory Automation Competition

Together with the REC Foundation, VEX Robotics is bringing a new level to Career and Technical Education with the Factory Automation Competition. This classroom based competition allows students to connect and apply what they've learned through objectives that emulate real industry scenarios.

This competition is completely remote, meaning teams from around the world can compete for the best throughput and runtime from their own classrooms. The FAC also evolves annually so students will be able to reconfigure their Workcell to fit the new objective each year, without the need for new hardware.

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