VEX IQ Testimonial- Niels Puttemans

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When I worked at the James Montgomery Academy Trust (UK) as a head of IT services we were researching ways to make the math and science curriculum more accessible to students. I came across VEX IQ and found it to be robust, easy and versatile. Our Academy invested in 3 base kits for one of our schools. The impact on the kids was of such a level that within a few months 4 more schools followed . Today every one of James Montgomery Academy Trust schools has at least one VEX IQ kit and most of schools run a VEX IQ robotics club that takes part in the international competition format.

VEX IQ became a wonderful tool to invigorate the IT/Science lessons, but it also proved to be extremely useful in teaching math, teamwork and even language. At first I taught the VEX IQ related lessons across our academy, but very quickly it became so popular that both students and teachers were keen to take it further. By now more than 10 teachers use the kits on a very regular basis across the curriculum.

After-school robotics clubs have also become a great success culminating in 3 of our schools being able to compete in the VEX IQ Competition World Finals in Louisville, Kentucky. Apart from being an extraordinary learning opportunity for all the kids and adults involved, it has lifted the teamwork and school spirit to a new level.

When I moved back from the UK to Belgium last year I contacted the local youth service to pitch the idea of setting up the first VEX IQ team in Belgium. It didn’t take long to convince the committee of the immense value of the program and within a few weeks, we officially started the VEX IQ sessions.

If anyone would have any questions on how to start or any questions along the way, I will happily share any experience and resources I have.


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