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Robotics Club

Carpe Futurum! Our robotics club offers weekly classes, workshops, camps and VEX robotics competition coaching. Kids learn engineering process, design, mechanics and scientific concepts around movement, programming, CAD and much more. 

The club is located in Uccle, Chaussée d'Alsemberg 993.

The activities are offered in French or Dutch.  But all our coaches speak English, if this is your primary language they will be able to help you out.


develops computational thinking and problem-solving skills
helps students to value the importance of learning from failure
encourages leadership and teamwork
and it's super fun! 

Robotics Camp | Ages 9-14

Are you ready to design, build and code super cool robots with your team? The program of the camp changes from one week to another. Choose the one you like the most and join us for a crazy week of learning and fun!  Weeks of 04/07 and 16/08 - Robofun: Discover robotics by building, modifying and...

Price €250.00

Camp Mission to Mars | Ages 6-8

We are organizing a mission to Mars and we need your help for this exciting expedition! Join us to learn more about the red planet during this week of fun.  Together with your team you will have to build, code and drive robots that will explore the surface of Mars. Many challenges and...

Price €200.00

Camp Fungineers | Ages 6-8

Discover engineering and its concepts while having fun! Together with your team, you will explore simple machines, how they work and can be used. You will also design and build cool builds and even your first robot. Through these creations, you will discover mechanics and different mechanisms...

Price €200.00